Creativity and craftsmanship go hand in hand at Atlantis Gems; just as a craftsman constantly hones their skill, so ideas inspire ideas. People tell us our jewelry is contemporary yet timeless and we strive to bring a fresh take to the oldest of crafts. Whether a special commission or a collection piece, all our jewelry has the unique signature of the maker and each one is different from the last.


With a team of designers and crafters working alongside each other, Atlantis Gems fosters creative collaborations in the creation and manufacture of its jewelry. This nurturing of talent allows us to envision pieces that are both unique and exquisite, using cutting-edge production techniques — with equal part modern and traditional processes.

An illustrious history.

Atlantis Gems was founded by Brian Dolan, who worked alongside world-famous jeweller Laurence Graff for eight years. Using his rapidly advancing knowledge in the industry to advise international and celebrity clients on jewelry and investment choices, Dolan successfully opened and operated two Graff boutiques. In subsequent years he became President of the legendary Faberge Inc USA and was responsible for the re-introduction of the iconic jewelry house into North America.

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